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UCPL Video Archive

*** Notice: Some videos older than 2009 are temporarily unavailable while moving to a new video service. We regret the inconvenience.

Downloading and Digital Copyright Speaker Links Date
Bits Are Not Atoms: Why Counting Copies Is No Longer Right [Abstract] Steve Worona Video 6/08
Copyright Goes to Kindergarten: The Cultural Work of Anti-Piracy Campaigns [Abstract] Tarleton Gillespie (No video) 2/08
Protecting the University from Copyright Bullies [Abstract] Wendy Seltzer (No video) 9/07
Righting the Copyright Balance [Abstract] Wendy Seltzer (No video) 9/07
Dangers of Downloading & Consequences of Copyright Infringement Panel (No video) 9/06
Download Debate III: Legal Music Service at Cornell [Transcript] Panel Video 4/06
Copyright Law and the Future of Entertainment [Abstract] William Fisher (No video) 11/05
Download Debate Strikes Back: Politics of Digital Copyright [Transcript] Panel Video 4/05
Digital Media Crisis [Abstract] [Slides] John Palfrey (No video) 10/04
Copyright 2004 Steven J. McDonald [Abstract] [Slides] McDonald (No video) 9/04
I Heard It through the Grapevine [Abstract] [Slides] McDonald (No video) 9/04
The Big Download Debate: Politics of Digital Copyright [Transcript] Matt Oppenheim,
Robert Hamilton
Video 10/03
A Nation of Felons? Digital Copyright: The impending political debate Alan Davidson (No video) 11/02
Security Speaker Links Date
What Price Insularity? Dialogs about Computer Security Failings [Abstract] [Slides] Fred Schneider Video 11/07
Using Privacy, Policy, and Procedures as Tools to Secure Your Campus [Abstract] Jack Suess Video 11/06
Security Awareness Day [Abstract] [Slides] Steve Schuster Video 10/05
Recent Advances in Network-Based Security [Abstract] Ed Amoroso Video 9/05
Spyware Survival [Abstract] Dan L. Burk Video 2/05
IT Security in Higher Education [Abstract] H. Morrow Long Video 6/03
Computer Incidents and Their Costs [Abstract] Virginia Rezmierski Lecture /
Privacy Speaker Links Date
Facebook Is Using You [Abstract] Lori Andrews Video 9/12
Net Smart: How to Thrive Online—Essential Literacies for the Always-On Era [Abstract] Howard Rheingold Video 9/12
The Future of Reputation: Gossip, Rumor, and Privacy on the Internet [Abstract] [Transcript] Dan Solove Video 2/11
What Every School Official Must Know About Privacy [Abstract] Dan Solove Video 2/11
Dilemmas of Privacy and Knowledge [Abstract] Harry Lewis Video 2/10
Data Dilemmas: Privacy, security and propriety of electronic information [Abstract] Fred & Beth Cate Video 4/08
We Are All Public Now: Surveillance, Technology, and the Sanctity of the Classroom [Abstract] Siva Vaidhyanathan Video 4/07
Privacy and Access to Public Records [Slides] [Transcript] Sol Bermann Video 4/06
Unified Approach to Privacy and Security Compliance [Slides] Peter Adler
Data Privacy in the United Kingdom [Slides] Tony Brett Video
Symposium on Privacy in the Electronic Realm: Panel Discussion Panel
Wiretapping the Internet [Abstract] Lara Flint Video 11/04
Privacy in the Information Age Dan Solove Lecture /
Web Accessbility Speaker Links Date
Web 2.0 and Accessibility [Abstract] [Slides] Mark Greenfield Video 2/07
Caught in the Web: Accessibility now and in next-generation technologies [Abstract] Cyndi Rowland User Experience
/ Next Generations
Solve the Mystery of the Accessible Web
[Buck's Slides] [Trerise's Slides]
Deborah Buck,
Sharon Trerise
Video 6/05
Accessible Web: how many people is your site leaving out? Cynthia Waddell Lecture /
Higher Education and Libraries Speaker Links Date
Online Teaching and Learning: A Revolution in the Making [Abstract] Deanna Marcum Video 9/12
Academic Computing 2.0: Strategic Directions at Princeton [Abstract] Janet Temos Video 11/07
Emergent Technologies for Teaching and Learning: Mobile, Gamelike and Social [Abstract] Bryan Alexander Video 11/07
Integrating Tradition and Technology [Abstract] Diana Oblinger Video 2/06
Libraries in the Digital World [Abstract] Miriam Nisbet Video 3/04
Collaboration: IT and Libraries Support Research and Teaching Deanna Marcum Lecture /
Policy and Law Speaker Links Date
Crossing Over into the Policy Zone [Abstract] Steve McDonald Video 9/12
On-Line Access to Court Records: A Study of the Interaction of Technology with Law [Abstract] Peter Winn Video 1/08
Is Policy the Future of the Internet? [Abstract] Yochai Benkler Video 12/06
Net Neutrality: Should broadband carriers be allowed to discriminate by charging differently for content? Wigen, Kuhns Video 10/06
Should Technologists Be Responsible for Misuses of their Products and Services? [Abstract] P. Samuelson Video 3/06
Should ISPs Have to Police the Internet? [Abstract] Lara Flint Video 11/04
Problems with Law in Cyberspace [Abstract] [Slides] John Palfrey Video 10/04
Impact of the Patriot Act on Cornell [Abstract] Panel Video 3/04
Academic Theft on the Net: the double-edged sword of cheating and redemption [Review] Marjorie Hodges Shaw No video 9/02
Cornell Policy Speaker Links Date
E-Mail Policy [Policy] [Documentation] Panel Video 3/05
IT Policies Promulgated in Spring 2004 [Policy Summary] Panel Video 7/04
Network Registry [Policy] [Documentation] Panel Video 5/04
Recording and Registration of Domain Names [Policy] [Documentation] Panel Video 4/04
Pieces and the Puzzle of IT Policy at Cornell [Framework] [Slides] Tracy Mitrano Video 4/04